About Me

Hi! I’m Kerrie

Founder of Motivation 2 conquer

Founder of Motivation 2 Conquer, Kerrie Denton has over 20 years of experience as a women’s health practitioner working in the field of preventative health care.

Her main passion is how one’s behavior and mindset can influence health outcomes. Kerrie has always been a huge advocate for mental health. She strongly believes that you can not have physical health without the emotional and mental health as well.

In 2014, Kerrie’s own mental health was put to the test when she was struck down with a life-threatening illness. She went from being in peak physical condition with athletic fitness to now being under a cardiologist suffering from Stage 3 Hypertension and non-alcoholic liver disease. Kerrie was faced with two extreme challenges. The first being not knowing the cause of her problems and the second being she suffers from serious allergies and her body rejected all heart medication she was prescribed. Kerrie’s own doctor told her she was in big trouble and was looking at a very limited lifespan.

The only way Kerrie could combat her dangerously high blood pressure was the natural way – through exercise. She just knew that in order to fight back she had to develop an unbreakable mindset which would give her the inner strength to start every day with exercise. Then in turn, she was able to continue to search for answers that eventually lead to regaining her health. In Kerrie’s case she had so much motivation 2 conquer her health crisis, it kept her focused on her purpose. Kerrie is completely committed to her exercise regime and this was the reason for what led her to create M2C activewear. Her activewear speaks to the soul.

Kerrie shares this business with her daughter Belinda. Together they seek to inspire females everywhere to believe in their own inner strength and to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

May You Always

Conquer & thrive